Projects, Ideas, & Pie In The Sky

Curated by the West OK Co-Op

Presented here are a wide array of past, current and potential future projects in Clinton & greater Western Oklahoma curated or constructed by West OK Co-Op members. Some are private entrepreneurial endeavors being performed by Co-Op members. Some are for presentation to potential outside investors, business persons or philanthropists. Others are civil ideas that could serve the community or better the city/gov't owned and ran instalations.

That said, the common theme through-out is design that builds a community and grows relationships; not only from people to people, but people to history, history to community, and community to surroundings. 


Selected Clients

D Magazine

The Beach

Fruit App

"Tiger from Timbuktu"by John Warren

"Tulip Bay" by Emily Brown

Hansen Fashion

Paper News

Latest Exhibitions


Illustration Home Gallery

San Fransisco


Fefe Gallery



Delicate Art Gallery


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